Smith Staffing, Inc. is a locally owned and operated agency that has been assisting Oklahoma residents in finding employment for over 20 years. Our mission is to work with every potential employee that applies with us, to help them find their strengths and place them in a situation where they can be most successful. We take pride in getting to know our employees' career preferences and make it our mission to adapt with you to find a place you feel most comfortable with. Our promise is to work hard to find an assignment that fits YOUR skills and abilities. If you have tried other agencies, or just felt like a number, give Smith Staffing a chance so that we may show you how much we care about finding the right job for YOU!

-Smith Staffing Management

Employee Expectations


Here at Smith Staffing, we take pride in our work and have the same level of expectations for our employees. Whether you are with us for the long haul or simply for a short amount of time, we anticipate and require great things from the people we hire, the same as other high standard businesses. In regards to this, we request you keep the following things in mind when you have been hand-selected for an assignment.

   -Call in at least 2 hours before your shift starts.

   -If you "No Call, No Show" you will be automatically disqualified from certain positions where we can't afford to risk this behavior.

   -Be on time! (or early)

   -Dress appropriately for the job.

   -Be respectful to others.

   -Follow instructions. If you don't know what to do, ask.

   -Always be professional and communicate with us and the supervisor at your assignment.